TME | Series T01

Multipoint Thermocouple

TME | Series T02

Multipoint Thermocouple

TME | Series T05

Straight Thermocouple

TME | Series T20

with plug-in/weld-in

TME | Series T21

Thermocouple with
crew-in thermowell

TME | Series T22

with Flange thermowell

TME | SeriesT30

with plug-in/weld-in thermowell

TME | Series T31

with screw-in thermowell

TME | Series T32

with Flange thermowell

TME | Series T40

with Thermowell for welding

TME | Series T41

with Flange thermowell

TME | Series T42

with weld-in thermowell
for small pipe dimensions up to 4"

TME | Series T43

T-Screw joint 12 mm

TME | Series 50 - 54

Thermocouples for
hygienic and aseptic applications

MT08 | Series T61

Contact probe

MT08 | Series T90

Thermocouple with
compensation cable

TME | Series T91

measuring insert