for Resistance thermometer and Thermocouples

Connection heads

Connection heads are available in aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. Select a suitable connection head based mainly on:

  • the required degree of protection
  • the chemical resistance
  • the local circumstances
  • The corrosion resistance of the metallic connection heads can be increased by lacquering plastic coating.

The suitability of the cable glands depends on the diameter and the insulation of the feed lines being used. The standard M20 x 1.5 mm forcing screw is suitable for cable diameters of 7.0 to 13.0 mm. Along with the standard forcing screws, cable glands, Harting plug connections, Lemo plug connections and Profibus plug connections can also be used.


Process connections

Use compression type fittings, gas-tight screwed sockets or impact flanges for resistance thermometers and thermocouplers without protective fittings or with protective fittings for insertion to fasten the temperature measurement in the process

Temperature transmitter

Temperature transducers can be easily integrated into the connection head. Installation is preferably in the high connection head cap to ensure simple measuring insert replacement.

If the user does not specify which manufacturer and version of the measuring transducer is being used, in coordination with the manufacturer, SCHRAMM will supply the suitable transducer independent of the application.

The following types of transducers are available:

  • Analogue transmitter
  • Digital transmitter
  • Transmitter with HART protocol
  • Transmitter for Profibus PA®
  • Transmitter for Foundation Fieldbus®