Steam and hot water finned tube heater for protection boxes

Finned tube heater made of seamless precision tube Æ 12 x 1,5 of galvanized steel. The heater as shown below is designed to generate a temperature increase of app. 30°C for non insulated protection boxes and of app. 50°C for insulated protection boxes with saturated steam at a pressure of 0,5 bar. Different heating constellations are to be calculated individually in order to adapt the finned length or the design of the heater.
The wall penetration of the heater can be done with wall entrances GD12 as well as with cable glands. Wall entrances GD12 are durable to temperatures up to 200°C and can even bear temperatures of 250°C for short periods. Further information is given in the accessories chapter.

• Heater made of stainless steel precision tube Æ 12 x 1
• Adjusted finned length / design for the individual heating case