TS 16

Ex-Temperature switch, bimetal, fixed setpoint

The electric temperature switch TS 16 is designed to switch electrical devices with respect to the ambient temperature. The switching point depends on the chosen bimetal switch. The setpoint as well as the functional principle, meaning opening or closing, have to be defined during order and will be preset during production phase. As a standard the TS 16 comes as an opener.

Technical Data:
Setpoint: Standard setpoints +10°C, +20°C, +30°C, +40°C
Tolerance: +/- 3°C
Rated Voltage: 250VAC (115VAC)
Rated Current: 16A
Connection Cable: Silicon cable 3x2,5 mm2 , 3 m
Weight: app. 0,6 kg
Operating Temperature: T4: -60°C - +120°C / T3: -60°C - +180°C
Degree of Protection: IP 68
Enclosure: Aluminum, saltwater-proof

TS 16C = Closing at temperature rise – e.g. setpoint: 40°C ON
TS 16O = Opening at temperature rise – e.g. setpoint: 10°C OFF
TS 16Z = Special design – e.g. setpoint between -15°C up to 180°C, armoured cable

Gas: Ex II 2 G Ex d IIC T4 / T3 Gb
Dust: Ex II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135°C / T200°C Db
EC Type Examination Certificate: EPS 15 ATEX 1042
IEC Ex Certificate: IECEx EPS 15.0056
EAC Ex Certificate: RU C-DE.AA87.B.00141