ETR 5-80

Ex-Temperature Controller, electronic, adjustable

Electronic temperature controller designed to control the temperature in electrically heated protection boxes and cabinets, for example in combination with an Ex-heater as EHR 200/300/500/750/1000. Continuously adjustable setpoint after opening the enclosure.

Technical Data:

Setpoint: Continuously adjustable from +5°C to +80°C
Tolerance: +/- 2°C
Temperature Sensor: NTC with 1 m connection cable
Rated Voltage: 250VAC (115VAC)
Rated Current: 6A
Rated Switching Power: 70W – 1500W, (70W – 750W), ohmic load
Connection Cable: Silicon cable 4x1 mm2 , 3 m
Sensor Cable: ÖLFLEX ROBUST 2x0,75 mm²
Weight: app. 0,5 kg
Ambient Temperature: -50°C to +80°C
Degree of Protection: IP 68
Enclosure: Aluminum, saltwater-proof, varnised


  • Design for 115VAC
  • NTC temperature sensor with special length up to 2 m


Gas: II 2 G Ex mb db IIC T4 Gb
Staub: II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T130°C Db
EC Type Examination Certificate: PTB 06 ATEX 2041 X
EAC Ex Certificate: RU C-DE.Ex01.B.00032/19