EHP 200

Ex-heating plate / finned heater , self limiting

The electrical heating plate EHP200 is designed to heat valve blocks, protection boxes and small cabinets. Internally the heater contains several semi conductive PTC-elements with self limiting temperature characteristics. By self-increasing the electrical resistance with rising ambient temperature, a continuous temperature regulation is achieved.

Technical Data:
Rated Voltage: 110-250VAC
Rated Current: 2A
Rated Power:
EHP 200 T4: 200W / EHP 200 T3: 200W
Connection cable: Silicone 3 / 5 x 1 mm2, Ø 7 mm / 8,8 mm, 3 m
Weight without / with fins: 1,5 kg / 2 kg
Ambient Temperature: -60°C - +80°C
Degree of Protection: IP 68
Cable Gland: M20 x 1,5, Nickel Plated Brass

Options and Accessories:
- Metallic protection cover against touch
O = Heating plate in standard design
R = Heating plate with fins and mounting brackets
F = Heating plate withe failure switch T < 5°C opening (250VAC, 5A)
B = Heating plate with fins, mounting brackets and failure switch
Z = Special design: armoured cable or other options upon request

Gas: II 2 G Ex db IIC T4 / T3 Gb
Dust: II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135°C / T200°C Db
EC Type Examination Certificate: EPS 15 ATEX 1041
IEC Ex Certificate: IECEx EPS 15.0055
EAC Ex Certificate: RU C-DE.EX01.B.00032/19