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Technische Information

Glasfaserverstärktes Polyester


Thermal conductivity
Specific gravity
Flexural strength at rupture    
Impact strength
Notch impact strength
Compression strength
Dielectric strength (basic polyester)
Creep resistance (basic polyester)
Temperature resistance
(Permanent resistance)







Dimensional stability under heat
Stress according to martens
Tropical test conditions


Electrical surface resistance





Waste utilization

k = 0,35 W/m²K sandwich design 80
k = 0,75 W/m²K sandwich design 40
k = 1,2 W/m²K sandwich design 20 mm
k = 5 W/m²K single layer design
1,46 g/cm³ according to DIN 53479
220 N/mm² according to DIN 53452
140 KJ/m² according to DIN 53453
135 KJ/m² according to DIN 53453
55 kV/mm according to DIN 53481
55 kV/mm nach DIN 53481
KC 600 according to DIN 53480
-60°C to +130°C (higher temperatures on request)
Glow wire test proved at 700°C according to VDE 0471, Section 2/4.75;
Class B1 according to DIN 4102, Part 1, on request;
F30 according to DIN 4102, Part 1, on request;
UL 94-V1 according to UL; other specifications on request
200°C according to DIN 53458

According to CEI 68-2-3, resistant
against mold and termite damage
Xenotest 1000 hours with classification „stable“
Standard 1012 Ohm;
in explosion zone, surface resistance stability according to EN 60079-0
at less than 109 Ohm
(necessary in Ex-zone 1) 

Classification „Excellent“
Household waste




Protection system according to EN 60529


IP 54






IP 65

for double door swichgear cabinets
Dust protection: The entry of dust is not completely prevented, however the amount is small enough that a satisfactory operating mode is maintained.
Protection against water Spray: Water, regardless from which direction it comes in contact with the housing, will not have any damaging effects. No water will enter.


for single door swichgear cabinets and protective boxes
Dust tight: No entry of dust
Protection against water spouting: Water, regardless from which direction it comes in contact with the housing, will not have any damaging effects. No water will enter.




Scheme of transport and installation

Series ESK

1) brackets for transport, 600 kg per bracket
2) Ropes
3) tightener
4) cross beam hook distance: witdt of cabinet +200 mm
5) foundation
6) cross girder when width of cabinet is more than 2,50 m

The foundation must be erected by customer and the static must be adjusted to the local requirement.

All transport-brackets must be taken up by the rope.
Rope must be tightened symmetrical.
Bearing of cabinet base frame on foundation all over.

Advice for transport with fork-lift

In most cases the bottom-frame of the cabinet has an insulation with PU-foam.
During transport and unloading the cabinet please take care that the insulation doesn`t get damaged by the fork-lift.
The lenght oft he forks must be longer than depth of cabinet, otherwise there is a chance of damage.

The technical documentation and the relevant approvals are available in the download area