Stainless steel cabinets and shelters

Unique and Proven Design
he construction of our stainless steel cabinets is based on our experience with polyester cabinets. Therefore the cabinets share most of their advantageous design characteristics.

Customized Design Possible
There are standard sizes for series ESB named series ESB01, ESB02 and ESB04. However, customized sizes and designs are possible.

With and Without Insulation
Our stainless steel cabinets series ESB are made with insulation as a sandwich construction (series ESB and SSB). The standard insulation thickness is 40 mm with a heat transfer value of 1,2 W/m2K. For walk in shelters also a wall thickness of 80 mm with heat transfer value of 0,6 W/m2K is available as standard. Customized insulations or non insulated enclosures are possible.

production programme

Series ESB.

Series Internal Height Floor height Total height Element-raster
D: 40 mm
k: 1,2 W/m²K
2020 100 200 2160 / 2260 500 1000
2420 100 200 2560 / 2660 500 1000
2820 100 200 2960/ 3060 500 1000
D: 80 mm
k: 0,6 W/m²K
2420 100 200 2600 / 2700 500 1000
2760 100 200 2940/ 3040 500 1000

Customized dimensions possible


Rigid base frame construction with height of 100 or 200 mm made of stainless steel, insulated with mineral wool, designed for heavy loads. Inside floor covered by stainless steel checkered plate or custom cover, bottom side covered with stainless steel cover plate.


Doors with 10 1 leaf (IP65) and 20 2 leaves (IP54) with panic lock, customized locking or door closer. Door frame and hinges made of stainless steel, opening angle 180˚.


Roof elements accessible, self-supporting up to length of 4100 mm. Designed for distributed loads of 75 kg/m2 . Roof construction has 1˚ slope to sides, with roof overhang and rain-drop edge at all sides.

Assembly & Transportation

Delivery pre-assembled or in parts, On-site assembly possible. Lifting brackets on base frame or eye bolts on roof possible.

Order example

Series Height Width Depth Order text
ESB40 2660 2500 6000 ESB40 2660-2500-6000

Accessories & Extra Equipment

Mounting Devices
Mounting plates, assembly racks, 19“ racks, internal steel doors, C-rails, bushings

Locking Systems and Door Arrester
Double lock, fasteners, door arrester, mechanical or with pneumatic spring

Ventilation and Heating
Ventilation passive/active, AC, heating


Windows and Lighting
Safety glass window, acrylic glass window, light

Cable/Pipe Entries
Cutout with/without cover plates, single layer areas

Lifting and Fixing Equipment
Lifting lugs, transport- and fixing brackets

Customized Designs
Separation walls, custom colours, roof - floor - sockets


Ventilation fan

Door arrangement 10+10

2 front doors with bridge

Stainless steel base frame

covered by stainless steel checkered plate

Element construction

with at least 40 mm insulation

Door closer

Panic lock type 601

with panic bar

Transport and fixing bracket