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Series ESK

Element shelter system made of glass fibre reinforced polyester, aluminium or stainless steel

Sandwich construction 20 mm, 40 mm and 80 mm
Thermal conductivity k: 1,2 W/m²K at ESK-20 : 0,75 W/m²K at ESK-40 : 0,35 W/m²K at ESK-80

  • Self-supporting, frameless construction built with separate components, torsion resistant, corrosion and seawater resistant
  • Variable design in width, depth and height according to a grating measurement
  • Enlargement possible, interchangable single components, assembly on site possible
  • Outstanding thermal insulation through the double shelled sandwich construction
  • Gelcoat surface for extreme life span, colour RAL 7035
  • 1-leaf doors (protective system IP 65), 2-leaf doors (protective system IP 54) with precise functioning
  • closures possible
  • Door frame with sturdy hinges, both made of stainless steel, door opening angle 180°
  • Doors with 3-point latching and handle (closure no. 0513), panic function, half profile cylinder
  • Threaded inserts M10 made of stainless steel inside all wall components
  • Rigid base frame construction made of stainless steel, height 80/100 mm, designed for high load capacities
  • Traversable roof components, self-supporting up to 4100 mm; designed for snowload of 75 kg/m² an manload of 100 kg/m² excess length of roof 50 mm all around
  • Different floor designs as extra equipment

Manufacturing Program

ESK 20
Wall thickness 20 mm
Cabinet height H:
2140 mm (Wall component 2020 mm)
2540 mm (Wall component 2420 mm)
2940 mm (Wall component 2820 mm)
Baseframe 80 mm, traversable floor
Cabinet width/depth: Standardized measures 500 mm / 1000 mm

Door components (20 mm):
960 mm (Inside diameter 874 x 1940 mm, 1-leaf)
960 mm (Inside diameter 874 x 2100 mm, 1-leaf)
1460 mm (Inside diameter 1374 x 1940 mm, 2-leaf)
1960 mm (Inside diameter 1874 x 1940 mm, 2-leaf)

ESK 40
Wall thickness 40 mm
Cabinet height H:
2240 mm (Wall component 2100 mm)
2560 mm (Wall component 2420 mm)
3240 mm (Wall component 3100 mm)
4240 mm (Wall component 4100 mm)
Baseframe 100 mm, traversable floor
Cabinet width/depth: Standardized measures 1000 mm

Door components (40 mm):
960 mm (Inside diameter 870 x 2095 mm, 1-leaf)

ESK 80
Wall thickness 80 mm
Cabinet height H:
2600 mm (Wall component 2420 mm)
3000 mm (Wall component 2820 mm)
Baseframe 100 mm, traversable floor
Cabinet width/depth: Standardized measures 500 mm / 1000 mm

Door component (80 mm):
1025 mm (Inside diameter 940 x 2045 mm, 1-leaf)

Extra equipment

  • Reduced electrical surface resistance in accordance with EN 60079-0 (<109Ω), necessary in ex-proof Zone 1
  • Other dimensions and designs on request
  • Other RAL colour tone
  • Profile-rubber sealed observation window made of laminated safety glass or acrylic glass in the door or wall components
  • Double-pane equipped window
  • Other closure variations (see „Accessories“)
  • Door stop by pressurized spring (see „Accessories“)
  • Door closer
  • Electrical heating in normal and ex-proof design (see „Heating systems“)
  • Cabinet ventilation systems (see „Accessories“)
  • Mounting plate, sheet steel 2,5 mm, galvanized (see „Accessories“)
  • Assembly rack, C-formed steel, galvanized (see „Accessories“)
  • Lighting sets
  • Air conditioning units
  • Ventilators
  • Holes with or without covering; single layer areas
  • Lifting eye bolts (see „Accessories“)
  • Lifting and fixing brackets made of stainless steel at base frame (see „Accessories“)
  • Other designs for base frame and floor
  • Longer excess length of roof
  • Enhanced fire protection upon request
  • Sluiceways and porches on request
  • Integrated gas bottle cabinets on request
  • Installation of customer´s equipment on request and delivery

The technical documentation and the relevant approvals are available in the download area