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Series KVS

Cable Distribution Bases made of glass fibre-reinforced polyester

  • Self-supporting, frameless construction built with separate components, torsion-resistant, corrosion and seawater resistant
  • Gelcoat-surface for extreme life span, colour RAL 7035
  • Locking mechanism for the removable operating flap inside switchgear cabinet
  • Delivery completely mounted
  • The cable distribution bases can be erected in row for larger swichgear cabinets and cabinet-combinations
  • Model KVS-....-10: one removable operating flap in front, Extra Equipment: 1 cable guide rails of angle fiberglass reinforced polyester
  • Model KVS-....-20: two removable operating flaps, one each in front and back, Extra Equipment: 2 cable guide rails of angle fiberglass reinforced polyester

Manufacturing Program


Fit for SCHRAMM-Switchgear cabinet

Distribution base model


E 01-1000-, E 02-1000-, E04-1000-, KS 1000-1000-
KS 1100-1100-
E 01-1200-, E 02-1200-, E 04-1200-
KS 1400-1300-
E 01-1500-, E 02-1500-, E 04-1560-
KS 1400-1600-
E 01-2000-, E 02-2000-, E04-2000-
KS 1400-2100-

KVS 1000
KVS 1100
KVS 1200
KVS 1300
KVS 1500
KVS 1600
KVS 2000
KVS 2100



Extra Equipment

  • Reduced electrical surface resistance in accordance with EN 60079-0 (<109Ω), necessary in Ex-Zone 1
  • Other RAL colour tone
  • cable guide rail
  • Delivery disassembled possible (assembly by customer)

The technical documentation and the relevant approvals are available in the download area